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Work available – June ’22

The painting above was a commission I completed in January 2021. All recent work is listed below and marked according to availability.  Follow me on Instagram:


SOLD  – Venus Belt 2 – a commission completed in September 2021, oil on canvas,  (137cm x 72cm)


Across the Oase towards Sheppy, oil on canvas, 67 x 42cmSOLD – Across the Oase towards Sheppy, oil on canvas, 67 x 42cm



An indefinite  Path ( 2021), oil on box canvas, 55 x 83cm – available from the Lilford Gallery in Canterbury



The Great British Summer (Whitstable 2021), oil on canvas, 31 x 130cmGreat British Summer (2021), oil on canvas, 31 x 130cm – available from the Lilford Gallery in Canterbury




Whitstable Harbour (2021), oil on box canvas, 78.5 x 78.5cmWhitstable Harbour 2021, oil on box canvas, 78.5 x 78.5cm – Available from the Lilford Gallery in Canterbury




Painting by Ric W. HornerSOLD – Sunflare Westbeach, 78 x 78cm, oil on canvas



Whitstable Harbour - painting by Ric W. HornerSOLD – Whitstable Harbour 2021, oil on canvas, 60 x 30cm 



Spring Shower West Beach,Spring Shower West Beach,  oil on canvas, 76 x 51cm.  Available from the Lilford Gallery in Canterbury




Seasalter BeachSeasalter Beach,  on canvas, 29 x 22cm Available from the artist’s studio




Weather StudyWeather Study, oil on canvas, 25.6 x 20cm – available from the Lilford Gallery 



Nocturn. Venus & rising moon from Seasalter, May 2020SOLD – Nocturn. Venus & rising moon from Seasalter, May 2020, 26 x 20cm, oil on canvas  – available from the artist’s studio




Kent first Snow, last lightKent first Snow, last light. 23 x 30.5cm, oil on canvas – Available from the artist’s studio




Lost BuoyLost Buoy,  oil on wood panel, 61 x 67cm (26″ x 24″) – Available from the artist’s studio




First LightFirst Light,  71 x 81cm, oil on wood panel (framed) – Available from the Lilford Gallery



Margate HarbourMargate Harbour, oil on canvas, 22 x 22cm – Available from the artist’s studio



Flodded FieldFlooded Field, 20 x 20cm, oil on canvas – Available from the artist’s studio




Cloud-Forms-over-SeasalterCloud Forms over Seasalter, 22 x 22cm, oil on canvas – Available from the artist’s studio



Evening CalmSOLD – Evening Calm, oil on canvas, 22 x 22cm 





View across the OazeThe view across the Oaze,  oil on canvas,  22 x 22cm – Available from the artist’s studio




Thunderhead Cloud studyThunderhead/ Cloud study, oil on wood panel, 28 x 28cm – Available from the Lilford Gallery 




Moody SunsetSOLD – Moody Sunset, oil on wood panel, 41 x 31cm 




Spring Tide (summer)Spring Tide(summer), oil on canvas, 25.5 x 20.5cm – Available from the Lilford Gallery 






binary commentSOLD – After the heat. (across the Oaze), oil on wood, 29 x 29cm




Lightpool WestbeachSOLD – Light pool West beach, Whitstable, oil on canvas, 56.5 x 26cm





binary commentSOLD – The Detectorist, oil on canvas. 20 x 20cm




Wistmans Wood DartmoorWistman’s Wood, Dartmoor, oil on canvas, 60 x 42cm  Available from the artist’s studio



Flood PlaneFlood plane, oil on canvas, 40.5 x 50.5cm – Available from the artist’s studio





Harbour StudySOLD – Harbour Study, oil on canvas, 20 x 20cm 




Ilfracombe HarbourIlfracombe Harbour, oil on canvas, 20 x 20cm – Available from the artist’s studio




Seasonal LandscapeSeasonal Landscape – oil on canvas, 42 x 56cm – Available from the artist’s studio



Cloud Study West BeachSOLD – Cloud Study West Beach Whitstable, 61 x 24.5, oil on canvas





Long after Sunset (June)Long after Sunset (June), oil on canvas, 28.5 x 17cm  Available from the artist’s studio




Abstract Woodland 1Abstract Woodland Study 1, oil on canvas, 20 x 20cm – Available from the artist’s studio



Abstract Woodland Study 2Abstract Woodland Study 2, oil on canvas, 20 x 20cm – Available from the artist’s studio



November-Sunset-towards-FavershamSOLD – November Sunset’ (towards Faversham), 20 x 20cm, oil on canvas  




Hard Shelter (1), 70 x 71cm, oil on wood panelHard Shelter, 70 x 71cm , oil on wood panel – unavailable





Salcombe No 3Salcombe No 3,  26 x 26cm , oil on canvas (framed) – available





From Hay Tor towards Teignmouth, 28.5 x 73cm, oil wood panelSOLD – Towards Teignmouth,  29 x 73cm  (28″ x 11″), oil on wood panel 




Whitstable themed prints (unframed), some of them are mounted on card – approximately A3

Prints @ Ric Horner

For interest in any of these works get in touch at either:, or Tel: 07835294317

Prints @ Ric W. Horner - Artist


Solo Exhibition at Lilford Gallery Canterbury – 2019






From 7th – 20th September 2019

“Ric Horner is second to none when it comes to capturing light on the landscape.” – “Your art brings tears to my eyes! – Outstanding! – Amazing – Stunning – Incredible! – Magnificent – Brilliant – Spectacular – Breath-taking – Superb – Magical – Impressive – Wonderful – Uplifting – Really Moving – Poetic, beautiful, bold and absolutely marvellous! – I love your work!”































Index 2


Open Studio Exhibition in Whitstable – June 2019



Award winning man of Kent, artist Ric W. Horner is one of the county’s leading landscape painters whose professional career spans more than 25 years. His work focuses on the elemental qualities of open space, the energy of weather and the expressive qualities of light.




“…His mastery of sky, light and colour is breath taking!”

“Wow! My kind of art. Absolutely stunning. Love it!! Xx

“After seeing his work for the first time it completely changed the way I saw colour in nature, but especially the sky and dark clouds. This incredible oil on canvas captures a moment where the beautiful light and detail pulls you in, so you too are involved and immortalised in the moment.” 








large Whitstable sunset (1.36m x 1.16m) sold1











SoldRic W. Horner - London Paintings



SoldRic W. Horner



SoldStudio Shot 3






SoldStudio Shot 7




Ric W Horner at the Tonic Gallery Salcombe

Salcombe Tonic Gallery

From  August 2017 to February 2018 Ric was represented by Tonic Gallery in Island Street, Salcombe, South Devon. They had to relocate from this beautiful place in 2019 and are now situated in Union Street in town centre.

Tonic Gallery Salcombe

They have now been back in touch and so it looks like this collaboration will continue in 2021 with new work.


  • Salcombe No 1 – oil on canvas – 31 x 24cm
  • A good Day for Sailing –  oil on canvas – 20 x 20cm (sold)
  • First Light – oil on wood panel – 71 x 60cm
  • Lost Buoy – oil on wood panel – 61 x 67cm
  • Salcombe No 2 – oil on canvas – 51 x 76cm (sold)
  • Waterhead Creek – oil on canvas – 26 x 31cm (sold)
  • Across the Bay – oil on canvas – 21 x 20cm (sold)
  • Salcombe Dusk – oil on canvas – 26 x 21cm (sold)
  • Salcombe No 3 – oil on canvas – 26 x 26cm

Ric Horner - Tonic Gallery


This piece below is still available.

Salcombe No 3


White Wood Gallery

 Ric has been represented by the White Wood Gallery in Ashburton, Dartmoor from November 2016 until February 2018.

Ric @ Whitewood 3

                     This arrangement has now come to an end. Most pieces on display there have been sold, but some are still available from the artist’s studio. Please see the top post on this site.

white wood 2

dartmoor-1-31……………………………………………………………Lovely feedback was received from previous buyers:

Dear Mr Horner, As a 50th Wedding Anniversary present to ourselves we purchased from the White Wood Gallery in Ashburton your oil painting entitled "Approaching Rain near Princetown, Dartmoor" (see above). My wife and I have known, loved and frequently visited Dartmoor since we were both young and we felt your painting captures the atmosphere of the Moor very well. We are generally more familiar with the eastern side of the Moor - i.e. Chagford/ Haytor/Hound Tor - and not so familiar with the area around Princetown. We wondered if you were able to give some more detail of the location from which your painting was taken?

White Wood


Related Images:

Exhibition: Dartmoor – Theatre of Light


The ‘Theatre of Light’ exhibition was a big success. Many thanks to everyone who came along. Half of the exhibition, i.e. 20 paintings have been  sold during the show.  For interest in any of the remaining work contact Ric at tel. +44-07835294317, or email:

Prices range from £ 450 – £ 1500. To view larger images , click on the thumbnails, which will reveal the details – then click again.


Ric Horner is one of the country’s leading landscape painters, whose professional career spans more than 25 years. Graduating from Exeter College of Art in 1989, he spent the first two years of his career living and working on Dartmoor, developing a unique and profound engagement with light and distance. His artwork has a metaphorical resonance that is reminiscent of great nineteenth-century landscape painting and yet it is utterly modern, firmly resisting the urban, technological and over-populated world.

Thanks to Ric’s longstanding friend, supporter and art collector, Devon based historian and internationally acclaimed author of ‘The Time Traveler’s Series’ and ‘Centuries of Change‘, Dr Ian Mortimer, he was able to put on a stunning exhibition of  40 new landscape paintings on the theme of Dartmoor National Park, which are on display at Green Hill Arts Gallery in Moretonhampstead.


The exhibition opened on Friday, 9th September were Dr Mortimer introduced Ric Horner and talked about his work in an art historical context. You can listen to his 10 min speech below.

Ric Horner & Dr Ian Mortimer

 Dr Mortimer says about Ric’s work:

“I have no doubt that, in due course, Ric Horner will be recognised as one of the most significant landscape artists of our time. His dedication is astounding; his integrity no less so. For me it has been a privilege and an honour to be so closely involved with this exhibition, and to have been able to buy a number of his paintings over the years. For you, I hope this vision of our place in the world, carved out of the light that falls on all of us, proves equally rewarding.”

He goes on: “In this exhibition, you will find yourself on a road at night having just seen the first welcoming streetlight of the village: you will soon be home and warm…

The sun has gone down behind Laughter Tor leaving a few drifting clouds and vapour trails in the deep blue sky: the seemingly eternal rocky outcrop is juxtaposed with the ephemeral vestiges of the day.

But the most striking feature of these Dartmoor paintings is the light. Often the painting is not actually about the hill, rock or any other object in the distance; it is about the space between you and that object. It is a portrait of the light…

…a place where skies brood, threaten, delight, obscure with mist, groan with rain or brighten with a ray of optimism.”


“A stunning exhibition of the highest calibre!”

“Poetic, beautiful, bold and absolutely marvellous!”

They are  sublime. So magical and true to the atmosphere”

“Ric Horner’s work is superb – truly spectacular!”

“Breathtaking views and big skies! Fabulous.”

Wow! “I absolutely love your work; such stunning paintings. The most amazing sky and little houses shining like jewels.  What an uplifting exhibition!”    

Entry is free.  Green Hill Arts  Gallery            is open weekly from 10am-4pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

Fore Street
Newton Abbot
TQ13 8LL
Contact Tel: 01647 440775

Also available is an accompanying 32-page catalogue (A5) with an introduction by  Dr Mortimer talking about Ric’s work in an art historical context.

catalogueCross Tree Press

You can pick up a copy directly at the gallery for a reduced price of £ 6 for the duration of the show, or order online via Cross Tree Press which is            £ 9.99 incl. postage to the UK.  Postcards & Greetings Cards of Ric Horner's paintings

To order either the catalogue, greetings cards and postcards visit:


Green Hill Gallery is situated at the top of Fore Street, Moretonhampstead, close to the Parish Church. Parking is available in the Court Street and Station Road car parks.

Ric W. Horner - Dartmoor PaintingBonehill towards Rippon Tor (plein air) , oil on wood panel, 43 x 75cm – £ 400


The show coincides with the Devon Open Studios, which runs from 10 September to 25 September 2016. Check the online map page 40 (Teignbridge region) for other open studios in the area.


Hard copies of the ‘Devon Open Studios’ brochure are available from local Tourist Information Centres, Libraries and arts & community venues across the county. __________________________________________________________________________

Below: Ric & Ian on field trip to The Strangles in Sept 2014, where the idea of the ‘Theatre of Light ‘ exhibition was originally created.

The Strangles

Note: the artist is available for commissions.  Please contact:   , if you fancy one of your favorite views painted by him.

holiday 012


Ric Horner is represented on Dartmoor by White Wood Gallery in Ashburton, 6 West Street, TQ13 7DU 


Woodland Paintings



Ric has completed various tree and woodland paintings over the years and will continue to be available for commissions in the future.

david and dawn 004

Please get in touch on +44-07835294317 if you like see your favourite forest, woodland, or group of trees represented as a painting.


Sunlit-Clearing-tn-Copy(Images left & bottom) Ric discusses the details of a new woodland commission with clients.

beach tree.Blean

Lilford Gallery Canterbury

If you are looking for a unique and original gift this year, then the Lilford Gallery in Canterbury is a good place to start. 

Art lover David Lilford has launched this trendy, high quality fine art gallery about 15 years ago and now offers works by heavy weights of British art culture such as David Hockney,  Sir Anthony Gormley, Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin, Billy Childish, Anita Klein, Banksy, Rachel Whiteread, Maria Rivans and many more. Ric W. Horner was one of the first artists to be represented.

t: .0044.(0)1227.639086
Open 9.30am – 5pm Mon – Sat / 11am -4pm Sun


Canterbury Cathedralcathedral


The large black & white seascape below was bought by the well-known British comedian Ricky Gervais in 2009

Painting bought by Ricky Gervais in 2006 via the Lilford Gallery in Canterbury 'Seasalter'

Below: Ric’s snow fields on display next to Tracy Emin’s ink drawings

Ric Horner and Tracy Emin

Below: Pompeii Exhibition – summer 2013ric's exhibition

ric's exhibition (1)

ric's exhibition 013

ric's exhibition (3)

Pompeii exhibition

ric's exhibition 025

Ric W. Horner at Gallery Jessica Dove Ilfracombe


If you are in Ilfracombe, North Devon this year, go down to 8 High Street and check out the beautiful seascapes that are on display at Jessica Dove’s gallery.


After running a very successful party shop in Oxford for many years, Jessica Dove opened her gallery in June 2013 with the aim to brighten up the heart of the popular seaside resort. She talks about the town in an interview with

Since being erected on Ilfracombe Pier in 2012, Damien Hirst’s 60ft bronze statue has polarised opinion in the town. VERITY has become the flagship of art within Ilfracombe, according to the mayor, but residents have not disputed that Verity has attracted more visitors to the area, including an influx of artists who are all contributing to the town’s art scene, which has definitely become more lively since Verity’s arrival.

She goes on:

Obviously most people are going down to the harbour to see Damian Hirst’s sculpture Verity, but I am hoping they will also come up to the High Street, because I have many local and international artists in here. I am also very excited about presenting some of Ric Horner’s striking seascapes of Woolacombe Beach and the Harbour, where Damian Hirst’s famous restaurant The Quay is situated.

Ilfracombe Harbour 016

This lovely gouache painting left featuring a ‘Yorkshire Landscape’ has recently been purchased by     Michael Gallagher –  Head of Conservation at the MET – Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Gallery Jessica Dove
8 High Street
Devon,  EX34 9DF      Open Tues- Sun
Telephone:  01271 867222 / 865138

Image below: Jessica selecting work from Ric’s old studio in Whitstable.

Below: One of Ric’s paintings that was sold via Jessica’s gallery, now sits in a beautiful, golden frame in a collector’s house.



Related Images:

Artist’s residence on Whitstable beach

(above) Ric painting a ‘Seasalter Sunset’

It’s now 5 years ago that painter Ric Horner moved into the late Dan Sherrin’s quirky cottage in Whitstable. He is one in a long line of artists and novelists that made the town their home, for reasons such as the gorgeous light, the stunning sunsets and the tranquillity of living amongst down-to-earth people who just accept you and leave you in peace.

Dan Sherrin (1869 – 1940) could not be missed about the town, as he insisted on wearing the most outrageously chequed plus-fours and his love of beer was legendary. Dan was also a famous self-publicist of the most humorous kind, a practical joker who not only poked fun at those in authority – he even built his own airplane and created a spoof fire brigade!  While he was living in Whitstable, white lines were first painted on the road to direct traffic and he added extensions directing traffic into the public houses. Dan was a prolific and accomplished artist in oil of landscape and marine scenes. His early work comprises seascapes and sailing ships in the manner of T.J. Somerscales and Montague Dawson, later turning to landscapes after B.W. Leader, oft cited as the Garden of England style. He even was commissioned by King George V (1911 – 1936) to paint a picture of Sandringham Palace, which now hangs in Buckingham Palace. The Imperial War Museum in London also have material related to his work on the design of recruiting posters for the First World War 1914-18.. One poster was successful in recruiting over 1000 men, which resulted in him receiving congratulations from General Lord Kitchener.



Indeed Whitstable has become fashionable of late, particularly amongst the London media-set and celebrity spotting can be a popular past-time. Ever since actor Peter Cushing made his home here, the town has attracted many stars.

Furthermore, the British painter J.M.W. Turner (1775–1851) was one of the greatest and most original painters of land & seascapes in Europe and invented new techniques to make skies and clouds look luminous and expressive. People at the time thought he might be insane because his pictures were so different from what other artists were doing, yet he became commonly known as  “the painter of light”.

Just like Turner, Ric also felt inspired to explore the unique light and atmospheres found in this area, and he  was very much attracted to portraying the famous sunsets along the North Kent coast, just like Turner, who described them as ‘some of the best in the world!”

‘Reflected Clouds, West Beach’ , 61 x 61cm, oil on canvas - Sold

Ric works in ways that are not dissimilar to Turner and has often been compared to this great British artist.  This month he has completed a successful commission given by a local gentleman, who long desired one of his romantic sunset paintings for his own home.


Ric presented 40 of his beautiful seascapes at the famous Michelin Star gastro pub ‘The Sportsman’ in Seasalter in the summer of 2015.


Commission of old, art deco Railway Bridge

a painting by Ric W. Horner

The old Canterbury and Whitstable Railway was sometimes also colloquially referred to as the Crab and Winkle Line which opened in 1830 was the cutting edge of technology at the time. The Industrial Revolution was happening and all the famous engineers of the time were connected to it. 

The original photograph I am working from features a steam train – the Invicta – the locomotive which pulled passengers out of Whitstable  on its way to Canterbury in 1952. Today the route is a designated footpath and cycle track.


Old Motor Workshop turns Art Gallery

Ric lived at 1-18 Reeves Yard Whitstable from 2002-13 and revamped this old industrial studio in 2012 in order to re-opened it to the public with a rolling exhibition of finished pieces..

Battersea Park London - Painting by Ric W. Horner


Press Release for his latest Open Day on Saturday, 4th May 2013 …..“With the spring weather still evasive, Kent’s finest artist brings sunshine to your home all year round. Ric W. Horner is opening his gallery doors on Saturday, 4th May to present his own, personal colours of the rainbow. He captures moments and places like no camera can. The vividness and energy of his seascapes instantly transport the viewer to the coast on a glorious Summer day complete with breathtaking sunsets – with his passion and love evident in every single piece.

exhibition Open Day 151Private View at Reeves Yard Studio


 The singer of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band appeared for a
spontaneous performance of Bill Wither’s  song ‘Ain’t no sunshine’. Furthermore, we were very lucky to have the brilliant singer Anukai Arun (aka Tanjalala) from Austria  performing for us  with a stunning  
repertoire of intuitive sounds.

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