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Work available- March ’21

The painting above was a commission that I completed in January 2021. I am currently working on a large local sunset (100 x 100cm) which will be ready by the end of the month. All other available work is relatively small and listed below. A few larger pieces are also at the Lilford Gallery in Canterbury. 

Ric W. Horner


1. ‘November Sunset’ (towards Faversham), 20 x 20cm, oil on canvas  (sold)




2. Nocturn. Venus & rising moon from Seasalter, May 2020, 26 x 20cm, oil on canvas  available

Nocturn. Venus & rising moon from Seasalter, May 2020




3. Kent first Snow, last light. 23 x 30.5cm, oil on canvas – available

Kent first Snow, last light




4. Flooded Field, 20 x 20cm, oil on canvas – available

Flodded Field




5. Cloud Forms over Seasalter, 22 x 22cm, oil on canvas – available





6. Evening Calm, oil on canvas, 22 x 22cm (sold)

Evening Calm




7. The view across the Oaze,  oil on canvas,  22 x 22cm – available

View across the Oaze




8. Moody Sunset, oil on wood panel, 41 x 31cm – (sold)

Moody Sunset




9. Seasalter Beach,  on canvas, 29 x 22cm available

Seasalter Beach




10. Spring Tide(summer), oil on canvas, 25.5 x 20.5cm – available

Spring Tide (summer)




11. Thunderhead/ Cloud study, oil on wood panel, 28 x 28cm – available

Thunderhead Cloud study




12. After the heat. (across the Oaze), oil on wood, 29 x 29cm,  (sold)

binary comment




13. Light pool West beach, Whitstable, oil on canvas, 56.5 x 26cm (sold)

Lightpool Westbeach




14. Weather Study, oil on canvas, 25.6 x 20cm – available

Weather Study




15. The Detectorist, oil on canvas. 20 x 20cm – (sold)

binary comment




16. Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor, oil on canvas, 60 x 42cm available 

Wistmans Wood Dartmoor




17. Flood plane, oil on canvas, 40.5 x 50.5cm – available 

Flood Plane




18. Margate Harbour, oil on canvas, 22 x 22cm available

Margate Harbour




19. Harbour Study, oil on canvas, 20 x 20cm (sold)

Harbour Study




20. Ilfracombe Harbour, oil on canvas, 20 x 20cm – available

Ilfracombe Harbour




21. Seasonal Landscape – oil on canvas, 42 x 56cm – available

Seasonal Landscape




22. Cloud Study West Beach Whitstable, 61 x 24.5, oil on canvas – (sold)

Cloud Study West Beach





23. Long after Sunset (June), oil on canvas, 28.5 x 17cm available

Long after Sunset (June)




24. Abstract Woodland Study 1, oil on canvas, 20 x 20cm – available

Abstract Woodland 1




25. Abstract Woodland Study 2, oil on canvas, 20 x 20cmavailable

Abstract Woodland Study 2




26. Hard Shelter, 70 x 71cm , oil on wood panel – available

Hard Shelter (1), 70 x 71cm, oil on wood panel




27. Lost Buoy,  oil on wood panel, 61 x 67cm (26″ x 24″) – available

Lost Buoy




28. Salcombe No 3,  26 x 26cm , oil on canvas (framed) – available

Salcombe No 3




29. First Light,  71 x 81cm, oil on wood panel (framed) – available

First Light




30. Spring Shower West Beach,  oil on canvas, 76 x 51cm – available

Spring Shower West Beach,




31. Towards Teignmouth,  29 x 73cm  (28″ x 11″), oil on wood panel (sold)
From Hay Tor towards Teignmouth, 28.5 x 73cm, oil wood panel





Whitstable Harbour and Seascapes (unframed), print on mounted card – approximately A3

Prints @ Ric Horner



For interest in any of these works get in touch at either:, or Tel: 07835294317


Prints by Ric W. Horner


Artist’s residence on Whitstable beach

(above) Ric painting a ‘Seasalter Sunset’

It’s now 5 years ago that painter Ric Horner moved into the late Dan Sherrin’s quirky cottage in Whitstable. He is one in a long line of artists and novelists that made the town their home, for reasons such as the gorgeous light, the stunning sunsets and the tranquillity of living amongst down-to-earth people who just accept you and leave you in peace.

Dan Sherrin (1869 – 1940) could not be missed about the town, as he insisted on wearing the most outrageously chequed plus-fours and his love of beer was legendary. Dan was also a famous self-publicist of the most humorous kind, a practical joker who not only poked fun at those in authority – he even built his own airplane and created a spoof fire brigade!  While he was living in Whitstable, white lines were first painted on the road to direct traffic and he added extensions directing traffic into the public houses. Dan was a prolific and accomplished artist in oil of landscape and marine scenes. His early work comprises seascapes and sailing ships in the manner of T.J. Somerscales and Montague Dawson, later turning to landscapes after B.W. Leader, oft cited as the Garden of England style. He even was commissioned by King George V (1911 – 1936) to paint a picture of Sandringham Palace, which now hangs in Buckingham Palace. The Imperial War Museum in London also have material related to his work on the design of recruiting posters for the First World War 1914-18.. One poster was successful in recruiting over 1000 men, which resulted in him receiving congratulations from General Lord Kitchener.



Indeed Whitstable has become fashionable of late, particularly amongst the London media-set and celebrity spotting can be a popular past-time. Ever since actor Peter Cushing made his home here, the town has attracted many stars.

Furthermore, the British painter J.M.W. Turner (1775–1851) was one of the greatest and most original painters of land & seascapes in Europe and invented new techniques to make skies and clouds look luminous and expressive. People at the time thought he might be insane because his pictures were so different from what other artists were doing, yet he became commonly known as  “the painter of light”.

Just like Turner, Ric also felt inspired to explore the unique light and atmospheres found in this area, and he  was very much attracted to portraying the famous sunsets along the North Kent coast, just like Turner, who described them as ‘some of the best in the world!”

‘Reflected Clouds, West Beach’ , 61 x 61cm, oil on canvas - Sold

Ric works in ways that are not dissimilar to Turner and has often been compared to this great British artist.  This month he has completed a successful commission given by a local gentleman, who long desired one of his romantic sunset paintings for his own home.


Ric presented 40 of his beautiful seascapes at the famous Michelin Star gastro pub ‘The Sportsman’ in Seasalter in the summer of 2015.


Old Motor Workshop turns Art Gallery

Ric lived at 1-18 Reeves Yard Whitstable from 2002-13 and revamped this old industrial studio in 2012 in order to re-opened it to the public with a rolling exhibition of finished pieces..

Battersea Park London - Painting by Ric W. Horner


Press Release for his latest Open Day on Saturday, 4th May 2013 …..“With the spring weather still evasive, Kent’s finest artist brings sunshine to your home all year round. Ric W. Horner is opening his gallery doors on Saturday, 4th May to present his own, personal colours of the rainbow. He captures moments and places like no camera can. The vividness and energy of his seascapes instantly transport the viewer to the coast on a glorious Summer day complete with breathtaking sunsets – with his passion and love evident in every single piece.

exhibition Open Day 151Private View at Reeves Yard Studio


 The singer of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band appeared for a
spontaneous performance of Bill Wither’s  song ‘Ain’t no sunshine’. Furthermore, we were very lucky to have the brilliant singer Anukai Arun (aka Tanjalala) from Austria  performing for us  with a stunning  
repertoire of intuitive sounds.

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