Ric W. Horner has concentrated on producing timeless contemporary land- and seascapes since graduating from Exeter College of Design in 1989. In his early work he developed a profound engagement with the challenges and opportunities of representing distance and light, and this engagement has subsequently remained at the heart of his work. For the last seventeen years, he has been based in Whitstable, Kent, which he has known since childhood and where he continues to explore in paint the light and effects of views of the North Kent coast.

Ric says about his work:

“My art is primarily concerned with the study of light and space and its relationship to the land and sea. The coast here provides an infinite variety of light effects with minimal formal elements and I am fascinated by the way it invokes different moods and memories. Observational drawing is essential for the kind of art I am making. It gives me an understanding of the topography of the subject, but also a kind of informed intimacy with the landscape and unique qualities of the day. Rather than predetermining the composition, I like to work intuitively; allowing interesting moments to inform the painting. Working in this way is dependent on regular drawing practice and the discipline to change direction when inspiration calls for it, hopefully allowing a stronger idea to be realised.”

Ric W. Horner

January 2017


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Contemporary Land & Seascape Paintings