Ric W. Horner has concentrated on producing timeless contemporary land- and seascapes since graduating from Exeter College of Design in 1989. In his early work he developed a profound engagement with the challenges and opportunities of representing distance and light, and this engagement has subsequently remained at the heart of his work. For the last seventeen years, he has been based in Whitstable, Kent, which he has known since childhood and where he continues to explore in paint the light and effects of views of the North Kent coast.

“My primary goal is to make art that has a convincing luminosity, thus enabling the viewer to imaginatively move into it the space and occupy it. Ideally it should also have a poetic truth, which although subjective is better equipped at communicating our feelings and reactions, which we all experience when confronted with nature. To achieve these goals, observational note taking has been essential for the kind of art I want to make. Not only does it give me an understanding of the topography of the subject, but also a kind of informed intimacy with the landscape, light and unique qualities of the day. Producing finished work in the studio away from the subject has been a challenge, but now with the direct access to the subject matter, it has enriched the way I work. I have also latterly discovered that invention still plays an essential role in the process, whilst holding on to the key elements of observed light and mood – the very things I’m compelled to communicate.”

Studio in the winter


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Contemporary Land & Seascape Paintings