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Ric’s latest exhibition

Ric works in a modern classical way and creates atmospheric, light-filled land and seascapes. The sublime light of his paintings is characteristic of a style called Luminism. He takes part every year in the East Kent Artist’s Open Houses (https://ekoh.org.uk/whitstable), which was on from 14th – 29th October 2023. If you’ve missed this event, get in touch for a private view of the studio.

Canterbury Cathedral prints

He and his partner were in house 13 on the Whitstable trail. For directions go to:  https://ekoh.org.uk/…/65-joy-lane-sherrins-alley…/ There are a lot of new Kentish landscapes and stunning views of Canterbury Cathedral on show this year that might inspire you. He also has a wonderful range of greeting cards and prints, so it’s well worth visiting!

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