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Available Paintings – Sept 2023

Prices for original artwork range from £ 300 – £ 3000. For smaller Gouache (water colours) works, as well as various prints visit the online shop page.

Ric’s next exhibition is from 14th/15th, 21st/22nd, 28th/29th October 2023 as part of the East Kent Artist’s Open Studios. On show will be all the artwork listed below, as well as gorgeous prints and greeting cards.


Please get in touch directly for any of these original artworks, but kindly  note that all international orders of original oil paintings should always include insurance. Postal costs will vary according to size & weight, as all paintings are sent in bespoke wooden crates for protection. For insurance quotes and p&p contact me at:, or tel.: 07835294317.

You can follow Ric on Instagram at:  richornerpaintings 


Mirrored Space, 78 x 37cm, oil on canvas – available 




Light Path 1, 30 x 30cm, oil on canvas – available




Light path 2, 30 x 30cm, oil on canvas – available




Our star, 35.5 x 25.5cm, oil on canvas – available




Dusk diminished, 28 x 28cm, oil on box canvas – available




Sunrise, 30.5 x 30.5cm, oil on canvas – available




The Old Neptune, oil on canvas – available , cards also available




Margate Harbour, 20 x 20cm, oil on canvas – available – cards available




Cloud Race, 20 c 20cm, oil on canvas – available 




SOLD – Storm Clouds, 56.5 x 30cm, oil on canvas 




Summer Storm Clouds, 30 x 60cm, oil on canvas




Light Effect Whitstable Harbour (Fog), 50 x 50cm, oil on canvas – available – prints and cards available



Rain Gap, West Beach, 20x 20cm, oil on canvas – available 




Light obscured (West beach), 50 x 50cm, oil on canvas – available 




SOLD ! After Sunset, 30.5 x 30.5cm, oil on canvas  – prints and cards available




West Beach (study), 30 x 42 cm, mounted Gouache on acid-free water colour paper, Find all other Gouache paintings  on the shop page,




Sunlight through rain, 61.5 x 28cm, oil on canvas – available




Kent Landscape, 30 x 24cm, oil on canvas – available




Ebb and Flow, 30 x 40cm, oil on canvas – available  – cards available




Whitstable HarbourKent coast, 20 x 20cm,  oil on canvas  – available, prints and greeting cards available




Margate Harbour Evening Light, 22 x 22cm, oil on canvas – available – greeting cards available




Spring Tide, 21 x 26cm, oil on canvas – available




Weather Study, 26 x 20cm, oil on canvas – available 




West Beach Whitstable (3), 50 x 40cm, oil on canvas – available 




Shower Remnant, 22 x 22cm, oil on canvas –  available 




Kent first Snow, last lightKent first Snow, last light. 23 x 30.5cm, oil on canvas – available  




Whitstable Harbour (2021), oil on box canvas, 78.5 x 78.5cmWhitstable Harbour 2021, 78.5 x 78.5cm,  oil on canvas –  available 




Thunderhead Cloud studyThunderhead/ Cloud study, 28 x 28cm, oil on wood panel –  available 




View across the OazeThe view across the Oaze,  22 x 22cm, oil on canvas – available 




Long after Sunset (June)Long after Sunset (June), 28.5 x 17cm, oil on canvas – available 




Lost BuoyLost Buoy, 61 67cm, oil on wood panel available




First LightFirst Light, 71 x 81cm, original painting, oil on wood panel (framed) – available 




Salcombe Harbour, 26 x 26cm, oil on canvas – available




Dartmoor, 38 x 38cm, oil on wood panel –  available 




Summer’s evening Kent, 60 x 30cm, oil on canvas –  available




Sunlit Clearing, 71 x 71cm, oil on canvas – available 




Dartmoor 2, 63 x 40cmDartmoor Dawn, 63 x 40cm,  oil on canvas – available 


New Greeting Cards!

Ric has produced a wide range of greeting cards of Whitstable seascapes recently that were selected from various paintings from his back catalogue of images. They will be available via local galleries, shops and exhibitions, or directly from the artist’s studio.

It has been attracting visitors for centuries with its charm, beautiful scenery and cosy atmosphere. The coast is lined with multi-coloured beach huts and the smell of the salty sea breeze and the feel of the summer warmth is tangible. It has long been famous for its oysters, which still play a central role in it’s commerce and culture. Whitstable has recently been named among one of the best seaside towns to visit in the UK, coming third in place with an impressive rating of 87/100.

Whitstable is a quintessentially English seaside town in the Canterbury district, on the north coast of Kent adjoining the convergence of the Swale Estuary and the Greater Thames Estuary in south-eastern England, five miles north of Canterbury and two miles west of Herne Bay.